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How to Choose the Right Professionals' Dating Website

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Have you worked hard to get where you are? Do you want to meet other professionals who strive for a better life? Professionals Dating Websites offer people like you the opportunity to meet like-minded single professionals online, with the hope of helping romances to blossom.

Whether you like a partner in uniform, are interested in a high-roller lifestyle, or just want to meet dates who share your life’s aspirations, there are plenty of single, attractive people waiting for your message on Professionals' Dating Sites. There are all sorts of dating sites for professionals, and it’s important to have some idea of the sort of site you might wish to use.

What are Professionals' Dating Websites?

Some professionals' dating sites are pretty similar to generic dating sites, but they might include a few extra search options to find people based on their occupation or income. You can also find dating sites which are managed by particular newspapers, bringing the lonely hearts columns into the modern world.

Some websites are classed as “elite”, meaning that they will only accept particular people (based on education or income, for example), whilst others focus on finding dates who will suit your intellect. “Professional” is a bit of a catch-all phrase, therefore, but essentially these websites cater to people who are hoping to maintain a particular lifestyle, be it economic, social or intellectual.

We’ve tried and tested a range of professionals dating websites, hoping to help make your choices a little clearer. Our reviews contain information on each site’s features and costs, plus the search parameters they offer, as well as an editorial verdict which describes the pros and cons of each option. 

Before you get started on our reviews and the dating websites, we have a few tips to help you along the way. There are certain things you might wish to look out for, and others you might wish to avoid, so here are our suggestions...

Chances of getting a date

If you’re on a dating site then we assume you actually want to meet single people for dates. Whilst some members may be interested in friendship or chatting online, most will be hoping to meet up (usually with locals) to start romantic relations. We consider how many members each site has and how active those members are. After all, there’s little point in joining a site with a million members, if only one hundred of them ever log on. We also consider the tools available to help you talk and to arrange dates.

Sometimes smaller sites with lower membership numbers are actually quite successful at helping their members to get together, because they offer a more intimate setting with a few matchmaking features which you might not get elsewhere. Generally speaking, though, more members means more options and therefore more opportunities to get a date.


These can range from chatting tools to matching algorithms, and from events diaries to games. On the whole, Elite or Professionals' Dating Sites tend to be a bit more “serious” than some other dating categories. You’ll find less in the way of games and fun activities, but more features which focus on describing what you’re looking for, and highlighting things (money, work, holidays and so on) which are important in your life.

If you wish to chat using an instant messenger, you’ll need to seek a site which offers that feature, as some of the sites only offer email-style communication. If you’re interested in taking personality tests or IQ tests, there are websites which also offer these features and incorporate the results into your profile, using the data to help match you with other members.

Quality / size of members’ photos

Whilst looks aren’t everything, they can be important. Elite and Professionals' Dating Websites can afford to provide you with plenty of storage space because they sometimes charge slightly higher membership fees than regular dating sites. This means you can upload high quality photos and build albums to share with potential dates. If this is important to you, look out for websites which offer plenty of photo space and a decent design for your page so that you appear as enticing as possible.

Help files / technical support

This can be invaluable if something goes wrong or you need some help. We check customer satisfaction, plus the various means through which you can get assistance through customer services. Safety and dating advice might be of particular importance, so sites which offer plenty of useful support and information will score highly for their customer services.

Ease of use / navigation

Small niggles can quickly become major irritations when using a dating site regularly. We try out each website to make sure it functions as it should, and that navigating through your account won’t become a chore. The best sites allow you to move swiftly between sections, adding members to specialized lists of your own creation. This can really save on time and effort, particularly after some time of browsing profiles.

Ease of joining / registration

This is actually quite important to consider, because some sites allow you to sign up within a couple of minutes, whilst others might ask you for a lot more information. The quickest options require a small amount of information before you can browse their members' profiles. Afterwards, you’ll want to add more information to your profile, as much of this information is used to improve your matches, or simply to allow other members to read about your life.

A few dating sites will require much more information, asking you to fill out more extensive profiles, or potentially even requiring you to take a personality test. It’s important to decide whether you think these tests are worth your time and effort, but it’s worth considering them because they can sometimes help you to understand yourself and who you’d be best suited to.

Some off the sites we’ve reviewed in this category will ask for details such as mobile phone numbers, social networking information or even proof of identity or educational background. Think carefully about whether you’re happy to provide that information, because it may be required if you insist on being a member of one or two sites.

Value for money

Professionals' Dating Websites tend to be a little more expensive than other dating websites, although this isn’t true of all the sites we’ve reviewed here. Since some of these websites are designed for high earners, we theorize that they try to restrict low earners from joining by charging larger fees. That seems to be a legitimate reason, but higher prices don’t necessarily mean better dating sites.

It’s important to consider what you’re looking for and how much it will cost. In the long run, none of the monthly subscription fees you've pay for these websites are going to seem like a lot of money if you find your ideal partner. However, it's important to find a website that suits you because you can also end up flittering money away on expensive services which aren’t ideal for you.

The Bottom Line

For now, that’s all you need to know about the professional dating sites we’ve reviewed. Why not take a gander at a few of our reviews to find out which sites might suit your needs, and see what’s on offer? Good luck!