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Sparkology Review

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Sparkology is an elite professional dating website which takes its membership very seriously. It only allows graduates to join, and members can send a limited number of initiation messages – a restriction which is put in place to prevent members from spamming. It’s designed for young, professional high-earners who are highly educated.

If you’re one of the elect few people suited to joining Sparkology.com, what can you expect? Well, the site explains that they’re only interested in quality members, which (for them) means people with university degrees. All members must prove their university attendance and success, and men must also have studied at a select range of universities. As such, a degree from a middle or lower performing university may not suffice, and your membership could be declined.

That bites for some, but if you’re interested in men and women who are seeking over-achievers, Sparkology might still appeal. If you make it past the gates, you can expect to find a clientele of attractive, educated members who are serious about dating within professional circles.

Though the site claims to be modern and the pages look fresh, there’s something still rather traditional about Sparkology.com. For starters, men must initiate contact with women, and pay for the privilege. The website likens this to “buying a woman a drink” and protests that chivalry isn’t dead. So, women, you may need to wait for your proverbial knight in shining (pinstripe) armour, as you’re to stay quiet until they decide to approach.

Sparkology claims that you need to be invited to join the site, with referral from a current member, but you can also join so long as you provide the correct information (such as links to your social networking pages, university documents and so on). Prices vary depending on your gender (women pay $25 to join up, men pay to initiate contact) and activity online.

A concierge service is available for anyone who wishes to get help moving from an online to an offline relationship. The site isn’t specific about what this involves or how much it might cost, but suggests that concierges are professional, with local knowledge to help things run smoothly.

Sparkology is something of an oddity. Its restrictions mean that members don’t need to worry so much about spamming or disingenuous membership, but it also means it’s hard to join. If you don’t attend the correct university or agree to a traditional view of chivalry, you won’t get past the gatekeepers. If, however, you like the sound of everything it has to offer, you’re probably exactly the sort of person they’re looking for.

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