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Worst Experience
30 August 2015
Reviewer: Blumvale from New York

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This is the letter I wrote to the business after my awful experience! I truly wish I'd looked around before I threw my money away.

First of all let me say, I was quite excited to use this service. Sheila made it sound great over the phone. But what I experienced made this whole thing a huge disappointment. I went on a date with John on August 28th and it was a waste of time and money.

In my initial conversation with Sheila, she asked me about ethnicity and I was honest in saying I want a Caucasian man. I said to her (and Sheri on FaceTime, at our coaching session) that my parents opinion on who I dated was important to me and as such, Caucasian needed to be at the top of the list. In seeing John's pictures, I was unsure as to his ethnicity and didn't know he was Middle-Eastern until Sheri said so, the day before the date. I was completely surprised by this, but I had already committed. I felt it was better to go ahead than to cancel at the last minute; I didn't want to be rude. This is also totally unacceptable. I told two separate people what I wanted and it seems as though no one paid any attention to me. Then you pulled someone who hasn't been a part of this program in two years just to fulfill your part of the contract. Totally unacceptable!

When I spoke with Shelia, I made sure to ask if there was an even amount of men and women signing up for this service. She said yes, for the most part, it is equal. She said sometimes you might contact someone who's membership has just expired, but that was rare as there were enough people to potentially pair from. In speaking to John, he said his membership had been expired for closer to two years! This is totally unacceptable! He's no longer in a stage of his life where this service would be beneficial to him. Instead of talking about finding 'the one', he talked about how he wanted to quit his job, move to Italy, and work on a farm. That is not even remotely close to what I'm looking for and can't believe someone thought this might be a good match. Additionally, he said he didn't even get pictures of me. How can anyone go into this blind?

Now, I understand, this service cannot guarantee love or even chemistry. I did not go into this date thinking it was going to be the best thing in my life and we were going to run off and get married. BUT, John was on a cleanse! Shelia and I spoke about health and exercising and how important it is to me (it's not that important); I imagine whoever spoke with John, however long ago, got a feel for that with him as well. But again, whoever he was two years ago and who he is now... it was ridiculous. He didn't even want to be at the restaurant your service chose and made me feel quite uncomfortable. Due to his cleanse, he didn't even have a drink; we ordered food, but I felt like he was judging me with every bite I took. At different points I found John to be insincere and arrogant. And at the end of the date, he seemed like he couldn't get away fast enough. And this is after he was late and used his phone at different points during the 'meal'.

This is without doubt the worst dating experience I've ever had. I will give your service a bad review on any and every site I can find, but that really can't matter to you. Unfortunately, I should have checked reviews before I signed up. A simple search has just shown me what a disreputable company you are.

Thanks for nothing!

In summary, I would not recommend It’s Just Lunch to a friend.

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