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Read their reply mail and make your own judgment...
28 August 2018
Reviewer: Julia Jones from Uk

57 of 123 people found this review helpful

they created a site, that gives them the full opportunity to hide your profile or pictures, for completely unacceptable reasons.

I have forwarded my reasons to Paypal, and got the full refund.. They were given the time limit to protest the refund, and they never did.. During the same time, they stopped me access to my platform and data. I requested a full confirmation that my data is deleted, as it is required by the new Laws and Regulation, and here below what [NAME REDACTED] says.. He feels being entitled to keep my datas, out of his frustration, of the fact that I got a refund... And then provided excuses of being in dispute with Paypal. As a professional he should have known that once a dispute is closed by Paypal, this could not be re-opened.. They never even bothered to respond to Paypal...

And now... he expects me to give him a copy of passport... AS IF..

Be warn.. don't give your data and your family pictures...as clearly they use it on the various sites, indicated by the other member...


In summary, I would not recommend Telegraph Dating to a friend.

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Watch out your data .. dishonest dishonest
16 August 2018
Reviewer: Jane Jane from UK

59 of 117 people found this review helpful

The way they ooerate is with full control of your data and pictures . They get the subscription and nearly for 10 months they block your pictures with the excuses of not being approved for bogus reasons . They tgen bol are you with mails to upgrade - basically they take everyone for idiots by blocking your profile or your pictures in order to rake easy money on regular subscription.

They then keep your profile even when you left therefore there are many profiles despite deactivated they remain indicating the person has not been on line for a good number of months. I protested and got the full refund through PayPal they then refused to indicate whether they deleted my data or not which us totally against the new laws of data protection

The company is a one man band type with a big bale of Telegraph just to make it look a big upper market and intellectual. In fact it has nothing to do with Telegraph Group. They added dating to Telegraph to benefit of the name

[NAME REDACTED] calling himself the Director very versatile in cunning et and [NAME REDACTED] with another mouthful job title are the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Telegraph Dating to a friend.

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Wouldn't bother is a rip off supposed dating site
15 March 2017
Reviewer: Sarah from Los Angeles Ca USA

86 of 167 people found this review helpful

I feel this site is a big rip off. I joined quite excitedely as I love the paper and thought I'd give it a shot. I found the "one liners" very cheesy and even desperate, "I don't have a subscription can you gift it to me please?" That is so bad, you want a guy to pay for my subscription of 30-90 pounds !!! That is incredulous, using poor romantic hopefuls to get more subscriptions / pay money to speak with me. I am VERY disappointed and am deleting my profile. I will be using okcupid/tinder which is free and easy to communicate and message. Shame you had to be a rip off dating site. How can I date when all I can message back to people is I don't have an account/ please gift me etc.,, lame. I waited patiently like they said as I don't have a subscription and I did receive messages but the cheesy one liners would not get me anywhere besides getting a guy to sign up for a 30-90 pounds subscription. Someone is getting rich off this. Try many free reputable dating apps that allow you to message freely and well.... date.

In summary, I would not recommend Telegraph Dating to a friend.

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Very longwinded registration
26 January 2016
Reviewer: Newchance from UK

152 of 284 people found this review helpful

I realise the same company ruling Telegraph dating as Dating online, widows dating, over40 dating, mature dating and several others. They want £65 for 6 months, then they would auto-enroll you into next 6 months, unless you unsubscribe beforehand, as on weekends you can only pay, but cannot unsubscribe. What is I only need a month or 2, how do I know?

They do not accept Paypal, why do I need to give my card details this 3rd company? They are always available on chat if you thinking of making a payment. And what is MOST ANNOYING, they actually physically read each and every profile and message you ever send! Obviously in the first instance trying you to make sure you do not give any info that can make them lose their income - disgraceful! How you suppose to meet somebody if you cannot give your phone number? but this is against "their policy", they cannot earn on you any more once you can be contacted by phone!

I genuinely think Telegraph should interfere and make the experience more satisfying. I personally stayed there less than a week.

I prefer the free website, it is more exciting and even when fraudsters contact... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Telegraph Dating to a friend.

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Extremely dull dating site.
20 March 2015
Reviewer: Nelly from Birmingham United Kingdom

179 of 331 people found this review helpful

I subscribed for one week to Telegraph Dating. It was £17.50 and I am so glad I didn`t commit to anything more than that as I have found the experience a) rather boring and b) a complete waste of £17.50.

The site is simple to navigate and uncomplicated to join although it would not allow a perfectly nice photo of my face to be published with no explanation as to why. When people wish to register their interest then they can `favourite` you which is a nice feature.

The men who have viewed my profile are mostly older men who bear little or no resemblance to the preferences I have stated. Only one of them has messaged me and he has not subscribed so there is no photograph, even though I have stipulated that I only want contact from people who have put up a picture of themselves. All in all, a very disappointing experience. I would not recommend this site to anyone unless they were ultra conservative and not terribly adventurous.

In summary, I would not recommend Telegraph Dating to a friend.

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